Follow in the footsteps of HEROES!Trip Advisor Award


Amazing!! Ian was not only a great guide but went over and above more times than I can mention.

Our 10 yr old grandson was considered and included into the tour so that his interests were met and he had a wonderful time.

Ian & Jo made our trip one of the most memorable tours that we have ever taken and we are already making plans for our next tour with them.

Mickey, Canada

The tour was a great success. We were very impressed with Ian's encyclopaedic knowledge of military history generally, the battles, the context of the Ypres Salient, and the Canadian action and that of the 78th Battalion at Passchendaele. Please thank him again for us.

Jon, Canada

Provided the information about Normandy that I was keen to acquire, see, etc. All done in a relaxed but professional manner.

What did you dislike about your tour? ?It had to end!

A-1+ Thank You!

Gordon, Canada

A simple internet search turned up several potential guides and email contact was quickly made. It was soon apparent that only one Ian Gumm shared our enthusiasm for our rather eclectic mix of battlefields. It was a decision that we would never have cause to regret a better guide we could not have hoped for.

Paul, United Kingdom

I have long dreamt about going to where my father served in France, as I wanted an appreciation in person of seeing the places he encamped. This tour more than met any expectations I had as I felt that it gave me a wonderful living experience. By going to the other sites I was better able to see what his War was like.

The friendliness, courtesy and complete willingness to undertake any task or challenge made the tour so successful. It leaves memories that I will dwell upon in my mind?s eye forever.

Ray, USA

It is the best tour I have ever been on. I highly recommend it and have already passed on the info to others who have an interest in this type of tour. Personalising a tour like this is memorable.

I cannot describe the emotional and moving feelings that I felt throughout the tour. There is a tremendous spirit and presence out there and I felt that my Grandfather was with me the whole time. I truly was following in his footsteps.

Ken, Canada

Ian and Jo were both so friendly, and we felt at ease and comfortable. It was great for my son that he could go off with Ian and have one-to-one personal attention. Ian took a great deal of time to make sure that we saw important historical places and his enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you.

Adrienne, United Kingdom

A great success! Ian had obviously done his homework and the background documents and maps were excellent and will be kept to use with future reading about the battles.

Ian taking photo was a very welcome and much appreciated addition to the trip, we relied on him and the photos were great!

Don, Canada

The way that Ian personalised the tour was great. He broke the war zones down into simple steps so that we could understand where our Great Uncle had arrived in the area, where he billeted, where he was first deployed, where he fought and where he could have died. It was very well constructed and what could have been like looking at grassy knolls turned into something much more meaningful.

The tour pack was absolutely first class. My Dad was really chuffed with it. It showed exactly where the lines were and where each battalion was in the line. It was a superb piece of work.

We were also very appreciative of how Ian put himself out for us and went out of his way to make sure that we were all comfortable.

I enjoyed meeting other people at the various accommodation I think I would have missed this if we?d gone into a hotel.

Keith, United Kingdom

Excellent, everything was very well organised and informative. We saw a good mix of battle sites, museums, monuments and gravesites. I gained an appreciation of all of the battlefields toured.

Ian Gumm was easy to tour with and is able to talk at a level of knowledge suitable to the customer. I will certainly be taking another tour.

Mark, Canada

I was especially pleased with Ian's concern with safety and his own safe driving. I had visions of getting a driver who was a frustrated race car driver. Also, Ian's background as a line infantry company commander allowed him to provide me with insights regarding tactics, equipment, & terrain that would otherwise have escaped me.

Stew, USA

I will always treasure the opportunity to have a family trip of this nature (my husband, mother and 2 adult children). Lots of good family memories. It would not have been possible to do this on our own. Ian met the needs of me as a genealogist and my son as a military buff and my mother on a sentimental journey. For a genealogist to get the attention of non-genealogist children on an aspect of their family history was wonderful.

Vimy was moving (and no Canadian should miss it) but I also liked the more ordinary things. I was impressed by the craters and just standing on flat fields and seeing the low rises that the the soldiers were trying to take. And thinking that my grandfather was within a few hundred metres of the spots where I stood.

What did I dislike? It rained. But my mother said she was glad that it did because that gave her a better appreciation of what the soldiers went through.

Linda, Canada

Thanks Ian for being so flexible and understanding. You acted in a very professional manner and we felt like you really knew what you were doing.

We enjoyed everything, since it was especially designed for us. We really liked the cemeteries and the beaches. The personal insights you gave made it even more personal and real.

Dana, United Kingdom

The knowledge and background of the tour guide was excellent. He anticipated what the guests wanted to see and what was of the greatest of interest.

The overall experience was excellent and the tour was great value for money.

Gordon, USA

It was a special time for us and Ian made sure that every detail was taken care of. He was not so much a guide as part of our tour and I enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Gordon, Canada

Our tour guide, John, was immensely knowledgeable and took pride in ensuring our tour was literally ?in the footsteps? of my great great grandfather, as well as providing interesting general history; and the sun even accompanied us on our journey despite it being late October!

The whole family was completely happy with every aspect of the tour we were particularly impressed by John, our guide, whose knowledge and passion for both WWI and our families' role in it was superb.

Jenny, United Kingdom

Thank you both again for the wonderful experience we had touring the WW1 battlefields and sites. We both learnt so much about the history, especially the involvement of the Aussies. Neither Jim nor I realised how extensive and destructive the fighting was during 1915-18 and without your expert knowledge we would have wandered the area not really understanding what we were looking at.

Elizabeth, Australia

Just fabulous!

Ernie, Canada