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For of nine or more we offer a range of tour options through our sister comany Take us Touring.

Genealogy Tours

Follow in the footsteps of an ancestor or relative who fought across the various battlefields of Northwest Europe on an In the footsteps Genealogy Tour. Visit the sites of the Battles of the 1914-18 Great War and those sites associated with the Second World War and see the places where they encamped, fought and perhaps were even wounded or died.

Together we will design a tour that enables you to retrace their steps, stand in the places they stood, see where they fought and pay your respects at the memorials and CWGC Cemeteries associated with their battles.

When you book a Genealogy Tour using our services, we will provide as much or as little as you require for your journey including accommodation, transport and food. You will also receive the services of your very own tour guide who will take care of all of the relevant planning and research involved as part of your trip.

On one of our personalised and customised In the footsteps Genealogy Tours you can visit the memorials that mean the most to you and explore the battlefields that you want to see. You can pay your respects at the cemeteries and visit the museums of your choosing.

To Book Your Tour

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